Welcome to your online classroom!

Each student will be given a workbook in the beginning of every quarter. This workbook includes the worksheets that will be used for classwork and homework each day. This website allows you to view or reprint pages from this packet. This website also allows you to view or print the notes or answer keys given in class from any computer. Begin by locating and clicking on your grade level and scroll down to view the most recent week. View the notes or answer keys by clicking on it. Print these notes when you are absent or when you just need a extra copy. View the answers when you want to check your work or want to redo an assignment for extra practice. 

Homework/Extra Help: The homework assigned will be posted in the classroom and on this website each day and extra help is held upon request. Please check this website daily for any updates that may be made. 

Our School: This link will bring you to Sagamore's website. This site links you to the daily annoncements, the monthly calendar, and more... 

Welcome to


I’d like to welcome you and your child to my online Math Class! The Welcome Back Letter button located above is a copy of what was distributed on the first day of school. This letter includes the classrom policies and procedures. This year, I’m using Remind to help keep you informed and Google Classroom to post videos. Please sign up using the codes that can be found by clicking the images for each above. 


Any questions please email me at cvanriper@sachem.edu

Thanks for joining!
Mrs. Van Riper