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Wednesday~ 4/1
Reference sheet
*Please log into IXL and do the assignments marked with a star under 
AA. # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Once you reach 80% on each you can stop.*
Thursday ~ 4/2
* Lets try something new today! 
*Watch the videos attached and take the notes in your workbook if you do not have your workbook you can do it on a separate sheet of paper or print pages from the workbook link on the 7th grade homepage
Reference sheet
Aim: I can define area vs. circumference (lesson 6) - video part 1/part 2
Page 126 # 7, 9, 10, 12
Hw: 5 Questions in google classroom from hw page 127
Friday ~ 4/3
** Review Day! Some of these problems have been done as warm ups please finish the rest. 
- Reference sheet
-Review Pages 128-131 (skip #'s 22 - 25)
Hw: Take a picture of your work and submit it in google classroom
Please make sure your name is on your paper. 
Monday ~ 4/6
Log in and do assignment in Castle Learning
Tuesday 4/7
**Test** ~ google classroom
Reference sheet
Please use a separate sheet of paper to show work as you would have been required if given in class. Good Luck!
Wednesday 4/8
Aim: I can make a tree diagram and use the counting principal (lesson 1) - video
Pages 42-43 
Hw: pages 44 - 45 
Thursday 4/9
Aim: I can find the probability of simple events (lesson 2)
Pages 46-48
Hw: Page 49 
Friday 4/10
Aim: I can calculate the probability of independent events (lesson 3)
Pages 50-52 
Hw: Page 52-53
Do Now: Worksheet (Tree Diagrams) - Front and Back - key
Do Now: page 195
Aim: I can calculate the probability of dependent events (lesson 4)
Pages 54-56
Hw: Page 56
Practice packet
Hw: Family connect night
Aim: I can calculate experimental probability (lesson 5)
Pages 57 - 59
Hw: Pages 59-61
Aim: Review of linear equations
Graphic organizer
Hw: Review of linear equations packets
DO NOW: Go over HW review of  Linear equations packet
Aim: I can define a function (lesson 1)
Pages 3 and 4 of quarter 4 book
Hw: Page 5 
 Aim: I can define linear and non linear (lesson 2)
Pages 6 and 7 of quarter 4 book
Hw: Page 8 and 9 
Do now: PAGE 4 "TRY THESE"
Aim: I can graph a system of equations
Page 11 - 15 of quarter 4 packet
Hw: Page 15 - page 16
Aim: I can graph a system of equations
Page 11 - 15 
Hw: Reading log
Aim: I can graph linear inequalities on the coordinate plane (lesson 6)
Pages 27-28 of quarter 4 book
Hw:  2017 assessment  # 1 - 26 of quarter 3 book
Aim: I can graph a system of linear inequalities (lesson 7)
Pages 31-32 of quarter 4 book